05 Tips for Excellent Blogging

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 11:16pm by Zara Zakia

05 Tips for Excellent Blogging: We all know that how much SEO essential for website. In fact we can’t disagree with its significance. SEO looked-for improvement for searching results in SE (search engine) that’s why people use up their money to formulate their website superior. There are many ways to perk up website to get first page in the search engine as I already discussed about it in my previous articles. By launching penguin & Google panda try to create a content that is not pigeonhole in spam because Google is building a latest scheme which can decrease site’s rating if content or material couldn’t found unique. Google also facilitate by eye-catching as Google Bot. It’s greatly functional. By it you can bring your article back into it. Anyways, in this article I’d throw light that how can you make your blog or site excellent for Google’s eye?

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05 Tips for Excellent Blogging


Avoid Copy Pasting:

Avoid Copy PastingAll the time, I repeat in every article of mine that posts/content are greatly imperative; it must be enlightening, unique & valuable that can attract the viewers at first peek… The basic purpose of blog/site should provide worth information, knowledge to users. I’ve seen mostly sites couldn’t achieve their aim to 1st in GP just because they do copy paste and this act reflects on spamming in eye of Google, of course. In result, Google consider that website/blog as spam which lessened the worth of site. So, simple three suggestions in first step

1. Avoid copy pasting.

2. Write yourself (or hire writers who write for your website)

3. Update your website/blog in daily basis with no doubt only one of its kind material.


 Titles & Metaphors:

Try to generate exclusive title for every page and use matchless Meta portrayal about page. This will help website to be SE friendly. Tag alt is usually used to make image description as Google also alphabetically listing the images so it is suggested to add alt in every image. One should give images name according to the images example like if you are going to put your images in your article and it’s about Earn Money, then you should give your image name Earn money.jpg it will be valued, not name it 0001.jpg as it will not encouraging.

Website/Blog’s loading Time Must Fast:

I’ve suggested before that website’s loading time should quicker. Guests/visitors like if blog has rapid load time and simple direction-finding. In fact, Google also suggest for quick load time within a second.  If someone searches a single word, he must be able to get access your blog within a second. Speed may be faster if you have crown HP because better hosting formulate site’s loading time better. Secondly, don’t use futile plug-in & widgets because it fills the page that takes much time to open it. It nuisance visitor, they fed up & close the page rather than to wait for loading. So, avoid putting un-necessary widget & thing in blog.

Make Possible Mobile entrée:

Mobile phones have become an important part of our life. Everyone has it & mostly user like me surf internet through it. In fact, there are lot of people, using internet by their phones & Smartphone’s. So, create your site as it can be accessed from mobile as well so that users may facilitate from your side too.

 Relevant Keywords:

Choose relevant keywords that symbolize the content of article. Mostly bloggers and website owners use Google keyword tool to generate keywords with their targeted area but I find it tiresome, it’s my personal observation which can be erroneous of course. But with the help of Geo-location one can formulate such keywords that are required in ones objective area because it mainly targeted visitors to perk up your guests.

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These are 5 small but most central points, one must remember for excellent blogging.


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