4 Handy Tips to Get Great Links By Using Infographics

Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 12:27am by Guest Blogger

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Nowadays, everybody is using infographics. A few are very successful whereas most of the rest remain unobserved. What is the dissimilarity? The distinction is in the machine that promotes the infographic. Certainly the initiative of the infographic and design perform a big role in its success. You may have stunning designs and still fail to obtain links. Advertising your infographic is vital to get excellent backlinks and product knowledge. In spite of everything you want backlinks so take a look at some important things that can aid your infographic get maximum links. These are the techniques we use to earn our infographics links from such websites as DigitalBuzz, Forbes, etc.

1.     Reach To The Well Known Websites

Find out reliable websites that are related to your infographic and send an email to their editors. When your infographic obtains a position on a famous website, it is not only a wonderful link for you but it frequently gives more links. Make good associations with editors before you push your infographic for getting published because it might get your infographic a good break.

2.     Discuss An Unpublished Subject

Your subject must be unique and try to write on a subject that has not been discussed yet because websites always want something new and creative. You should brainstorm to come up with excellent ideas for your infographic. Editors get many pitches daily but they all are not useful because the content is mostly not unique. Keeping this in mind, you should have an infographic subject which is different from others to make your work standout in crowd. You can also take help from other comparable subjects.

3.     Include Exclusive Design Components

This is also a very significant point. Your design should be different from others. The entire reason of having an infographic is to exhibit details in a creative manner that only text can’t do. If you are out of any appealing design ideas, you can take help from some design galleries to make an exclusive design.

4.     Have An Excellent Email Pitch Stencil

This is the vital part of the whole post. Your email should be sturdy and able to grab the attention of the reader. It must speak nearly everything in a few words. Your email should be clear, easy to understand, and must not contain any mistakes of grammar. If it is lengthy, it is possible the reader will get bored and just discard it. So, what you do is you start by addressing the name of the person with a simple “Hi/ Hello” and greet them by showing you hope they are having a wonderful day (or something like that). After that, tell them in brief about your infographic and how it will be advantageous for their readers. Don’t forget to put your infographic link in the email so they can visit your website.

So, those are 4 handy tips, which I think if you stick to, will definitely get many links through to your infographic. Today, competition is very tough but by working on these tips you will see positive results.

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    Very Good Tips you gave Adnan. Thanks for sharing with us

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