5 Excellent Tips to Develop Killer Apps for Android OS

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Android truly stands on its statement of “User Operating system”. With its open source coding you can easily create your own apps with simple user interface and then run a debuggable version on it. Before building the first app you need to install Android SDK. Since you will be using Eclipse for writing code you need to install ADT plugin for it. Last but not the least; download the latest SDK tools and platforms using the SDK manager. Once you have done the above steps you are ready to start writing codes for your own applications on Android.

There are lot of tutorials available to teach you to work on Eclipse and SDK manager. Here I will suggest some tips to help you develop the best of apps for Android.

5 Excellent Tips to Develop Killer Apps for Android OS

User Interface

When you start developing an app, you should clearly know the end users of the product. This will help you determine the kind of difficulty level in the user interface you can create. For example if it is an application for kids of 5-6 years then it need to have lot of colorful features to attract the kids, while if it a racing game for adults then it can contain lot of car based drama. Try and conduct some sort of surveys to know the need of the customer. This will help your product get sold off easily.

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Once you have started chalking out the end user and application you need for them, be ready to deliver it within time. Decide a deadline for the delivery of the pp. IF you are stuck up and not able to deliver within the time frame, it might be possible that some other competitive app comes in the market. This way you will lose a share of target audience.

Responsive Web design

Create applications keeping in mind that the user may have tablet varying from size 7 inches to 10 inches. Thus creating a responsive web design will take care that the application changes its visual size as per the device size. Infact each Android phones have its own resolution as well. Thus the brightness may also vary of the app.

Learn various programming tools

You need to take separate tutorials for learning SQL, Eclipse and XML. These are not very difficult to learn but with few practice you will easily learn to navigate through them. You will also need to do testing of the code regularly. Try and implement Monkey, an automated testing tool, to help you in it. You also need to have strong knowledge of object oriented languages and JAVA. While creating app make sure it should run with various versions of the Android.

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Design low power consumption Apps

Almost all the tablet users have one common problem, battery life. Most of the tablets offer battery life of 8-9 hours. And if the application is eating up much more power than this average time will also reduce. This thing may force users to uninstall your app and opt for another one.

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