Google Nexus 6, Is it the next big thing from Google?

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 8:23pm by Abhilash Thakur

When it comes to new technology, the tech giant Google doesn’t hold itself to showcase some of the unique and industry-leading tech with long-lasting build quality. Two years earlier, they brought the concept of Google Glass, which we only dreamt of having while watching high-tech movies. Now, they’re very real and waiting to get updated with latest tech. In the smartphone sector, Google’s Android OS resides almost 90% of the current smartphone market (without considering iPhone). Google started to build smartphones with HTC, Samsung, LG under their hood. The most fascinating upgrade of the Nexus devices is LG’s Google Nexus 4. The company never looked back and continued designing smartphones and LG started to manufacture under Google’s hood. It’s been a while since the flagship Google Nexus 5 came out a few months back. We were pretty excited about it, but, unfortunately, it failed to score good numbers in its camera, battery backup according to the consumer sector. We’ve already started to get our hands on some of the leaks of Google Nexus 6 and we’re pretty excited to show you the details.

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Google Nexus 6, Is it the next big thing from Google?

Google Nexus 6, Is it the next big thing from Google?

Google Nexus Release Date

According to previous history of unveiling of their smartphones, Google always waits for the end of the year to make it a blast. We’re hoping this would be the case for Nexus 6 as well. According to some rumors, Nexus 6 might come out in the mid-October of this year. Nevertheless, no one can actually assure you the exact date since Google didn’t confirm any of the news that we’re going to cover.

Google Nexus 6 Display

This is the most important part from Google’s point of view. Samsung already showcased flexible display technology in last year’s CES event. Now, it’s certainly possible that they’ll bring full-flexible display on their Note 4 or S6 since Galaxy Round featured some of the features of a flexible display technology. So, a flexible or 3D-curved display is very possible from Google. We didn’t get any confirmed news of the design or build-quality of the upcoming Nexus 6. As far as we’re concerned Google always follows the recent trend to bring quality smartphones. So, 2K/4K display is surely possible on the Nexus 6’s platoon this year since Chinese manufacturers already started coming up with 2K display technology.

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Google Nexus 6 Specifications

If Google doesn’t bring curved or 3D display, they’ll impress the consumer sector with their high-end specs surely. According to some of the concept leaks and rumours, Nexus 6 might feature 2.4GHz or more powered Octa-Core 64-bit processor along with 3/4GB RAM. It can be quite a bit of debate whether a smartphone can perfectly utilize the true power of 4GB RAM, but it’s possible to include in Nexus 6 since Samsung’s Note 3 already equipped 3GB RAM.

Also, Google might enrich their Nexus 6 with powerful and accurate sensors as well. Fingerprint sensor has become quite a bit of trendy, and Google might bring other security features as well.

We’ll keep you updated about all the features of  Google Nexus 6 once we get hold of any news. Keep tuned for getting more updates.

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  1. Rudd May 21, 2014 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Just bought Nexus 5 at the end of last year. Do you have any info about when they’ll launch Nexus 6?

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